2 Responses to “Media”

  1. Rasim Says:

    Selaam Aleykum from Naples FL,

    2 weeks ago there was a public screening of the video Obsession here at a public high school in Naples FL. The event was called “National Security Briefing”

    A (closed) panel discusson was held featuring, Zudhi Jasser, Jack Tymann, Tom Trento, Sam Kharoba and over the internet rep. Adam Hasner. It was not professional and 200 citizens left the H/S in fear. I addition they raised money. For this reason we requested a open discussion.

    Noted at this wonderful website (may Allah reward you) was the writing here on Dr. Jasser. These fear campaigns to raise money and further a political agenda must be stopped.

    I would like to disuss the issue with you further since this group called “Florida Security Council” is set to make another film like “Obsession”. Our mission is to expose these people as well as their political and financial agenda.

    I wait you contact.

    Ma selaam,
    Rasim F. Kut
    Islamic Center of Naples

  2. mtakbar Says:

    As’salaamu Alaykum Rasim,

    Thank you for passing that information on, it might be helpful to contact Ahmed Bedier of CAIR FL in regards to this. I will reply soon.

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