Barack Hussein Plants Tree

Barack Hussein Plants Tree

The 2008 Presidential election was marred by accusations that Barack Hussein Obama was a “Mooslim,” “Mohammedan” or an “Islamic.”  In response to the accusations, Barack Hussein Obama redundantly pointed out that he had been going to the same Church for almost 20 years and was a committed Christian.  He told Christianity Today, “I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian.”

Media personality Sean Hannity of Fox News was quoted as stating, “Barack hoped that if he kept repeating that he was a Christian it would be enough to extinguish the facts and questions creeping up about his associations and history as a Mooslim but we are uncovering leads in his Islamicness.”

Hannity is referring to new startling evidence that sheds light on the direct link between Barack Hussein Obama and what some call his “Mohammedan nature.” (more…)

Peace to all those who might regularly check out this blog. I have been inactive as far as posting because as Lennon said “Life happens.” I have been thinking about a lot of topics and issues and hopefully will be back soon. 

In the meantime I want everyone to check out this new site that I have joined and will be contributing to: Gates of Vienna vs. The World vs. LGF.  It’s spearheaded by Lex, the Agent of Chaos and The Sphinx who take a satrical look at the absurd world of Anti-Muslim/Islamophobe sphere.  In the words of Lex most of the time the “Posts just write themselves.” LOL.

Recently we’ve been putting Muslims Against Sharia on blast for being a Pam Geller and Joe Kaufman front. Its days are numbered, I wonder how much money they made in the meantime? Rev. Sutter has done a great job in compiling and detailing data on the absurd group: Follow up to (Non)Muslims Against Sharia .

holy-land1By MT Akbar


In the most recent episode of the drama surrounding the HLF case we witnessed one of the greatest miscarriages of justice that we’ve seen in a very long time in America. In a relentless hunt to seek victories after the attacks of 9/11 against “terrorism”, the now lame duck government of George W. Bush headed by the “Justice Department” sought convictions at any cost against the HLF.

The politicized nature of this trial is obvious from the outset. Even before any charges or prosecutions, George W. Bush went in front of the American public in a White House press conference in which he declared that HLF was a front organization for Hamas. This was proven false as later the FBI admitted that they never found any evidence connecting HLF to Hamas. Instead what they later claimed was that the HLF was helping charities that were somehow associated with Hamas. (more…)

La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah. Filthy settler’s sought to defame and desecrate the Prophet pbuh, “The Mercy to Mankind” and the graves of Muslims in Hebron Palestine.  Do they even know who the Prophet is? They are extremists, deluded by the devil and their own desires and in the end are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

Joey, I know you ran two unsucessful bids to be the republican representative of your district but maybe you can be McCains new mascot Joe “the terrorist supporting Kahanist.”

Joey “Kahane” Kaufman says in reply to my exposing his terrorist connections:

I’ll say it again, in clear terms. I am not a follower of Kahane, nor have I ever supported any of the groups he is affiliated with. That includes Kahane Chai, Kach and the JDL. Your articles calling me a Kahanist are lies.
But what is not a lie is that you have been involved in a group that has direct ties to Hamas, that being CAIR. What is not a lie is that CAIR is currently named as a co-conspirator for a federal trial in Dallas, Texas dealing with the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas.
What is not a lie is that you have used your blog to defend Al-Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, and you have called co-conspirator of the HLF trial Jamal Said “an esteemed local Imam.”
It was the U.S. Justice Department that named CAIR and Jamal Said as co-conspirators, albeit “unindicted co-conspirators,” not me. You are upset that I speak out against groups like CAIR and ISNA, but why shouldn’t I, when the U.S. government is making the clear case that these groups are involved in nefarious activities?
But that’s why you and a number of CAIR ops mention Kahane with me – to discredit me.
Those are not lies. They are facts. And of course, there are many more that I did not list, such as your support for co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj and Tariq Ramadan, who has been locked out of the U.S.
But what you wrote is unambiguously a lie.
Joe Kaufman

Joey, you are an unrepentant follower of Kahane as your attempts at deflection, projection and ad hominem attacks in your reply clearly reveals. You seem to revel in hypocrisy and lies, but you aren’t even good at that. The evidence stands for it self.

It is clear that you can’t bring yourself to condemn a terrorist such as Kahane and his organization. You eulogized him after his death! Someone who advocated genocide, who advocated a Biblical theocracy through violence, who called for the expulsion of all Palestinians from not only Israel but the Palestinian territories by force – you saw the need to eulogize and extol.

Let us further analyze the article you wrote in praise of Kahane. The article itself was titled “A Kahane Legacy Lost” which doesn’t indicate disapproval but rather support. It sounds like a sense of sadness and despair at the passing of one of the vilest demagogues of the 20th century, the same as if some one were to eulogize a white supremacist. In it you describe your admiration for Kahane as you state:

“I never did get that chance to see him, though. He was murdered seventeen days before the event…I recall seeing one of my fellow JSU members crying, after hearing about this. I couldn’t believe that a person that I knew so little about…could elicit such feelings in someone… at least someone that wasn’t related or even a friend of the family! But I soon learned otherwise, as I watched the film that was shown in Kahane’s place. It was a film of a speech that he had given previously, and I cannot describe to you properly just how moving it was!” (Emphasis added) (“A Kahane Legacy Lost,” JDL Forums)

This wasn’t terribly long ago Joey as you yourself posted this Jan 2, 2001 on the discussion forum for the terrorist organization JDL. (more…)

Joe Kaufman the Quixotic wanna-be gumshoe detective whom I wrote about before has been leaving comments all over the web, where ever he can, in regards to the article I wrote “Kahanist Kaufman Slimes Muslim Youth.” (In which he lives up to his fine tradition of “innuendo and excessive rhetoric” by comparing American Muslim youth to Hamas members). He says:

This article is a lie. I have never been a follower of Meir Kahane. I had a link on my old personal political site to kahane.org a long time ago. I pulled down the link and issued a statement on the site apologizing for having the link there. I also wrote an article about Kahane’s death. That’s it. I am not a supporter of any of the organizations he is affiliated with, nor have I ever been. I do not think about Kahane, and I do not bring him up in conversations. Calling me a Kahanist is a slanderous lie only meant to discredit me. As to the other allegations made in this article, the author is entitled to his/her opinion, no matter how absurd it may be.

This is a lame, inadequate and insufficient attempt to cover your affiliations with the radical racist and terrorist demagogue Meir Kahane and raises troubling questions Joe. Why did you have the link to Kahane.org in the first place! Any reasonable person would assume that you sympathize with Kahane’s project or at least believed in giving him and his ideology a platform; the former seems the most likely in light of further evidence such as when you eulogized his death (as you admitted above) stating:

[i]t was perfectly understandable, if he were to have hated Arabs. Just like, during the Holocaust, it was perfectly understandable for a Jew to hate Germans…If the Kahanes’ memory serves us any purpose, it’s to show that trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves.”

This proves the lie of  your hollow defense that you do not think about Kahane. The fact is you were deeply moved and influenced by the founder of the JDL which if  you don’t know Joe is labeled a terrorist organization by the US State Department.  The ADL has listed the terrorist activities as well as attacks carried out by the JDL just in case you need “proof.”  The reason you don’t bring up Kahane in “conversations” is because you know it is inexpedient and detrimental to your cause of taking down American Muslim organizations.  Fellow Americans should look closely at the clear communitarianism in what you write: “trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves.” This sums up Kahane’s philosophy “we the Jews cannot trust anyone, no gentile can be trusted.” Spoken like a true Kahanist Joe. (more…)