According to Geert: “Islam is not a religion, Islam is a totalitarian ideology, stop Muslim immigration to Europe, Freedom of Religion doesn’t apply to Muslims, Muslims already here if they behave must obey laws and assimilate to our rules, if they don’t, if they act criminally, denaturalize them and send them back out of our countries, I have many other SOLUTIONS.”

large_43421_6502911Jewish Military Rabbis  throughout the war were teaching that the offensive and massacre of Gaza is a War of Obligation and necessity. I have written about this ideology here.

They are teaching that soldiers shouldn’t worry about the difference between Civilians and Combatants and to discard International Law. They are teaching soldiers to be cruel to all Palestinians. Is this maybe the reason we saw the attacks on the Civilian infrastructure, UN facilities, schools, Universities Mosques, Red Cross ambulances, UN storehouses, hospitals and countless civilians? Is this why we saw the use of White Phosphorous, depleted Uranium, DIME bombs, cluster bombs and other weapons of mass destruction and devestation in contravention to International Law? The IDF soldier is indeed a better equipped terrorist brainwashed by extremist Religious Zionist ideology. If this were a Mufti or Shaykh wouldnt this be top news?

You know Ahmedinejad, right….well, no, Israeli-American Zionists want to wipe out Gazans. Is this Judaism? Is this the Israeli ethics that are so celebrated. Is this the celebration of life?

La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah. Filthy settler’s sought to defame and desecrate the Prophet pbuh, “The Mercy to Mankind” and the graves of Muslims in Hebron Palestine.  Do they even know who the Prophet is? They are extremists, deluded by the devil and their own desires and in the end are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

I’ve been having a discussion on Islam, democracy, and some other subjects on sister Gess‘s website, at the same time I picked up a book by Professor Cornel West, “Democracy Matters: Winning the Fight Against Imperialism” that I borrowed from a good friend. 

images11Professor Cornel West is one of the very visible liberal popular public intellectuals who appears on many forums discussing various subjects mostly in regards to race, theology, philosophy and history.  I have watched a few of his lectures and I find much that is compelling and engaging but also some ideas that give me pause and seem to contradict his own methodologies and principles.  So I viewed this opportunity to read his book as a way to get a better knowledge of where he is coming from, what he has to say and what solutions he is advocating.

The book is about the importance of Democracy “matters” (used as both a noun and a verb), threats to Democracy matters both in America and around the world, the need to reinvigorate Democratic forces interlaced with historical background and shared experiences.  West declares that there are three nihilisms at work in American Democracy that need to be overcome: Evangelical nihilism, paternalistic nihilism, and sentimental nihilism. (more…)

By M. T. Akbar


Kaufman’s escapades and antics are less impressive than the comic book character, Dick Tracy, whom he seeks to emulate.

“Onion Award for Joe Kaufman for his consistent record of trashing everything Muslim with a broad brush of innuendo, association and excessive rhetoric,”-Americans United for Separation of Church and State at the occasion of their annual meeting.

Joe Kaufman, the virulent Islamophobe and follower of the late extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane, is at it again in his endless crusade to slime CAIR and demonize Muslims. In this most recent episode, the “gumshoe detective” wrote a piece for the universally-rejected Right-wing mouthpiece FrontPageMag absurdly titled “Chicago’s Hamas Youth.”

In his hit piece, Kaufman attempts to link Chicago area Muslim high school students who participated in an event to educate themselves on how to become better citizens with Hamas, a Palestinian militant group.

We read such gems from the article as:

“In the Spring of 2007, CAIR-Chicago sponsored its first Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium (MYLS)… At the venue, kids wore shirts with the MYLS slogan: “Constructive Citizenship for a better America.” But for CAIR, “better America” means a United States run by Hamas.”(emphasis added)

Obviously, CAIR has never stated such an absurd thing, yet facts do not matter a thing to anti-Muslim bigots like Kaufman who are all too content with forcing into Muslim mouths the words they wish to hear in order to stay in business. 

Nowhere does Kaufman provide any evidence, statements, pamphlets, etc. supporting his absurd claim that for CAIR constructive citizenship equals an America run by Hamas.

Instead of focusing on the content of the event and the fact that esteemed individuals such as U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison (does he believe the congressman is a Hamas member?) has participated, he weaves ludicrous hard-to-follow guilt-by-association conspiracy theories, projecting his own paranoia onto the meaning of the event. (more…)

hahaha-you got pied sucka!

hahaha-you got pied sucka!

The right wing Zionist-Evangelical nut blogs are fired up and claiming victory for their cause of destroying Islam and casting suspicion on all Muslims with the recent decision of USC provost Nikias to delete certain Ahadith from the website of the Muslim Students Association which was hosted on the USC server.  This server was used by many researchers to find Hadith and Quran verses as the site contained many thousands of Hadith from famous classical Islamic books such as Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari.



Ashley Archibald in a classic case of sloppy journalism 101 repeats the contention of Aron Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center that “Hier was troubled by five hadiths advocating Muslim violence against Jews to hasten the coming of the “final hour.” She does no fact checking on the statement nor does she qualify his statement rather she presents it as fact taking his word for it. One has to question whether she read the hadith in question herself?


I am familiar with the Ahadith in question as well as Islamic Eschatology and none of them leave any room for any interpretation that would indicate that Muslims have the power to HASTEN the final hour. (more…)

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