Barack Hussein Plants Tree

Barack Hussein Plants Tree

The 2008 Presidential election was marred by accusations that Barack Hussein Obama was a “Mooslim,” “Mohammedan” or an “Islamic.”  In response to the accusations, Barack Hussein Obama redundantly pointed out that he had been going to the same Church for almost 20 years and was a committed Christian.  He told Christianity Today, “I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian.”

Media personality Sean Hannity of Fox News was quoted as stating, “Barack hoped that if he kept repeating that he was a Christian it would be enough to extinguish the facts and questions creeping up about his associations and history as a Mooslim but we are uncovering leads in his Islamicness.”

Hannity is referring to new startling evidence that sheds light on the direct link between Barack Hussein Obama and what some call his “Mohammedan nature.” (more…)

A piece on the recent Bronx Terror Plot in Huffington Post by Ahmed Rehab. So is this entrapment? Is Islam at fault? Or are there other pathologies and questions at stake here that are not reflected in the media reports?

Islam Not to Blame for Bronx Terror Plot

Say what you will about the recently exposed Bronx Terror Plot, but please, do not insult our intelligence (and your own) by weaving fantasy scenarios of how Islam is somehow to blame for criminalizing the terror suspects who were already career criminals long before their conversions — and who displayed only a rudimentary understanding of Islam thereafter. (more…)

I came across this site called EuropeNews which has as its motto “No Tolerance for Intolerance – No Apology for Being Free.” Now off the bat this site seemed a bit strange because they felt the need to verbalize this statement, and sounded a lot like the speel of the anti-Muslim and Islamophobia crowd. Low and behold it is a site affiliated with the VVD and other European neo-Fascist and Nationalist groups.

Anyway they had a little piece where the VVD complained about this du’a that Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan gave from what seems like must have been the 90’s. They also provide an atrocious translation which prompted me to do another translation even though I have scant time for it, but it pains me to see Arabic abused this way.

Fascist European Party’s (Incomplete/Misleading) Translation:

images51Why is it that ideologies that promise to create heaven on earth lead to the creation of hell on earth?

The other way to phrase this question is to state that all those who promise heaven on earth end up dragging people to hell.  It is the story of this malady that is told by Karl Popper in his important work The Open Society and its Enemies and which some “Islamists” may even be tempted to use in critiquing Marxism, as many see in Popper’s work the decimation of images8Marxism in the same way that Al-Ghazzali knocked out Avicenna and the Philosopher’s.  Yet they should be wary of such a path and instead of grasping it as a sword hold it up to themselves as a mirror of refrain because what is really at stake is the future of Islam and the Muslim peoples. 

I begin like this because the movements of liberation (physical, spiritual, political, economical, philosophical) in the Muslim world, their various trends are based on certain ideas and historical paths that I will come to, some very positive and a few negative.  The one we must address and confront firstly is the challenge offered by what can only be described as those whose sole work and emphasis is centered around the acquisition of power or who (wish to) impose upon a society, rules and laws that they are not ready to bear or for which the context is unapplicable and unsuitable, similar to a gardner watering a seed in the middle of  dead soil.  One must ask: Is this any better, or will this be any better than what came before it?

This mode of thinking is not reform of society and in fact ends up reducing Islam into an ideology, just one more ideology in the market place of ideologies. This narrow boxing-in of Islam in the parameters of ideology betray reform and make the flowing waters of Islam stagnant, muddied like the water of a shallow puddle that blocks the natural running course of water. 

It also surrenders to the concept of infusing Ideologizied Islam into the post-colonial world of un-natural boundaries and nation state power: a recipe for failure.  It shifts from the original pre-occupation of the giant Muslim intellectuals, scholars, scientists, poets, philosophers, righteous men and women who emphasised that what is important is “how to rule” and not the very Platonic question of “who should rule.”

The focus in this group has shifted from that early call of Allamah Iqbal for the Reconstruction of Religious thought in Islam. (more…)

Oneness of God: The crown and the head upon which everything else depends is Tawheed (Oneness of God): “No diety except Allah” (La ilaha illa Allah).  This testimony is our Creed, our Law, and our Way of Life.


“Allah! There is no deity save Him, the Alive, the Eternal. Neither slumber nor sleep overtaketh Him. Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Who is he that intercedeth with Him save by His leave? He knoweth that which is in front of them and that which is behind them, while they encompass nothing of His knowledge save what He will. His throne includeth the heavens and the earth, and He is never weary of preserving them. He is the Sublime, the Tremendous.” (2:255)


The first word in the testimony is a negation, in Arabic Laa which translates to “No.” It stands as a counter and is a clarion call throughout the centuries defining Islamic Civilization. It rings loudly “NO” to the deities of oppression, injustice, tyranny, slavery, desires, to the spiritualities of superstition and falsehood.


It is a call to fulfill resistance to the ideologies that enslave man, that withhold him from maximizing his true potential, that make him a beast of the field or a violent animal with no regard for responsibility or the rights of others and the sanctity of life.


It is a renewal of memory, a reminder of our nature and meaning. The reminder is of God, His existence above Creation but closer to it than the jugular vein. We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.” (50:16)


Wayfaring (Sulook): This life is a journey and we are told by the Prophet pbuh to be travelers on this journey.  This is crystallized in the verse. “Verily to Allah we belong and verily unto Allah is our return.” (2:156)


Questions attend the wayfarer before and during the journey: Why am I on this journey, what will I find, what am I seeking, how will it be sought. Experiences will be interpreted, signs and milestones along the path, why did this happen, how did this happen, what does this mean, where am I on the journey, how did I get here. 


The journey requires actions, planning, provisions, a beginning and an end, a place and a destination, patience (sabr) and complete trust (tawwakul) in the One. The guide is the Qur’an and the shinning example of the Prophet.


It requires a heart, an understanding heart that penetrates with deep insight into the condition of man and the separations between us and our Lord.  It is heart that is Saleem (at peace) with Ilm al yaqeen (certain knowledge).  The tribulations, destruction and devastation so apparent on the surface of the earth are a mirror of the inside, of the hearts of man.


State of Worshipfulness (‘Ubudiyyah): This is the condition of the believer. It is achieved through Istiqamah (consistency), and is crystallized in the verse: Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds.” (6:162)

I’am reading Tariq Ramadan’s latest work, Radical Reform: Islamic Ethics and Liberation.  I want to excerpt a portion in which I believe he asks some critical questions that are important for Muslims to reflect upon,

“why does recourse to Ijtihad, so long called for, fail to produce the expected renewal? Why has the innovative, bold, creative spirit of early times given way to timid approaches that only consider reform in terms of adapting to the world and no longer with the will and energy to change it? How can we explain this divide, this huge gap between the “Islamic sciences” (or “sacred sciences”) and all the “other sciences,” defining distinct and well-secured fields of authority, but making it impossible to respond adequately to the challenge of our times?”(p.3)

holy-land1By MT Akbar

In the most recent episode of the drama surrounding the HLF case we witnessed one of the greatest miscarriages of justice that we’ve seen in a very long time in America. In a relentless hunt to seek victories after the attacks of 9/11 against “terrorism”, the now lame duck government of George W. Bush headed by the “Justice Department” sought convictions at any cost against the HLF.

The politicized nature of this trial is obvious from the outset. Even before any charges or prosecutions, George W. Bush went in front of the American public in a White House press conference in which he declared that HLF was a front organization for Hamas. This was proven false as later the FBI admitted that they never found any evidence connecting HLF to Hamas. Instead what they later claimed was that the HLF was helping charities that were somehow associated with Hamas. (more…)

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