An excellent expose by CAIR-Chicago Anti-Hate Center of Steven Emerson, a leading Islamophobe and his attempts to cast aspersions on American Muslims and in this case Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham.

Career Hatemonger Steven Emerson Enraged by CAIR-Chicago’s Positive Social Engagement

Notorious Islamophobe Steven Emerson is at it again.

This time the source of his wrath is Christina Abraham, CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Director.

In a hit piece entitled, “Is This Who We Want Representing U.S. Interests Abroad?” published on his fluff website, “The Investigative Project on Terrorism,” Emerson shows once again why his website had better be called, “The Investigative Project on Mainstream American Muslim Organizations.”

The simple fact is that while Emerson desperately tries to run himself off as a “terrorism expert,” a cursory view of his website quickly reveals that, all too-often, the targets of his so-called investigations and reports are not terrorist groups but mainstream American Muslim organizations like CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, MAS, etc. (more…)


Peace to my fellow Chicagoans. There will be an Ad Hoc Mobilization for peace and a call to end invasion, as well as sending a message that we do not want any more death & destruction-bring troops home, legalize the undocumented/stop the raids and deportations, fund human needs, not wars abroad and Wall Street bailouts at home.

Where and When: Indo-Pakistani American neighborhood: 2 PM, OCT 11, DEVON AND LEAVITT STREETS, 2200 W. DEVON AVE.

Sponsored by many organizations: 8th day center for justice; albany park, north park, mayfair neighbors for peace and justice, answer Chicago,; chicago Area CodePink; Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism; Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights; Chicago Labor Against the War; Coalition of Pakistani Organizations – chicago; Cook County Green Party; Freedom Road Socialist Organization; gay liberation network; international socialist organization; international solidarity movement – Chicago chapter; Mayan Calendar News; Nicaragua Solidarity Network; North Shore Coalition for Peace & Justice; Pakistani Democratic Forum; Palestine Solidarity Group – Chicago; Peace Pledge Chicago; World Cant Wait – Chicago Chapter.

“Muslim liaison for presidential campaign resigns after connections to Muslim community are found.”

No, that’s not a fake headline from The Onion, the popular newspaper parodying everyday political and cultural absurdities. And no, it’s not the concept of a skit from “Saturday Night Live.”

It is however the gist of a real story from the Wall Street Journal announcing the resignation of Mazen Asbahi from his position as the national coordinator for Muslim-American affairs for Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign
Resignations from presidential campaigns are not uncommon.

This year, Geraldine Ferraro stepped down from her position on the finance committee of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign after making racially charged remarks about Obama. Samantha Power, an Obama foreign policy adviser, resigned after calling Clinton a monster. Phil Gramm, a top adviser to John McCain, resigned from his role as campaign co-chairman after his comments that the United States had become a “nation of whiners.”

But although most are forced to resign for what they said or what they did, Asbahi had to resign for who he is: A Muslim who is well-connected within his own community. (more…)

“Chi-Town, South Side, World wide” – Kanye West

All I could think when they were trying to get Barack on his association with Louis Farrakhan was that they are going to go after Rev. Wright next so I thought I would put in my two cents about this whole controversy surrounding Rev. Wright and the Obama campaign.  First of all almost every single YouTube video is like a minute long and there is no helpful context or setting given to what are actually much longer sermons (this website The Truth About Trinity United does provide truth and context).  (more…)

Missed point on faith
By Ahmed Rehab

OK, we get the point. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He has made that clear, time and again.

As well he should: The rumors are baseless, maliciously spun by political adversaries with the intention of taking votes away from Obama’s promising presidential campaign run.

Obama is entitled to set the record straight. But that’s not the end of the story.

The broader issue is: What does this attempt to smear Obama say about our society?

More personally, what does it say about my newborn nephew’s standing in society? Is he entitled to the dreams of his Muslim father that the boy could grow up to be president if he works as hard as Obama and is as ambitious?

Obama has not gone far enough to challenge the notion that religious affiliation could disqualify Americans from serving their nation. Nor has Mitt Romney, a Mormon, Mike Huckabee, a Baptist, or any other candidate.

It’s time for all of them to be quizzed on the meaning of citizenship as preached and practiced in this great democracy. As a voter, I would much rather know their stance on equal employment policies than which church they attend. (more…)

wx60b8w71.jpg Chicago used to have one of the most vibrant graffiti scenes in the nation and in many ways it still is producing sick writers(graffiti artists) as there seems to be an explosion of Graf in the city but it is not the same and hasn’t been the same for quite some time. (more…)

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