“Verily, in the creation of the heavens and earth, and in the succession of night and day, there are indeed signs for those who are endowed with insight.” -(Qur’an 3:190)

Peace, Salaam, Shalom, Paz

I began my personal web-blog in order to write on a wide ranging variety of subjects: from history, poetry, religion and philosophy to current events dealing with politics, race, etc. This was for others as much as for myself because it is only through dialogue and engagement on these topics that one can grow and integrate new horizons into one’s thought and being – the process of becoming.

My writing took a central focus (though I still continue to write on all those subjects that interest me) and that is Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hysteria. The internet is a locus for bigoted and hysterical rants against Islam and Muslims and the voices in opposition to the Islamophobic Industrial Complex are few and far between, making me realize that Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry is one of the last accepted forms of prejudice in the United States.

My opposition to this very real and viral form of bigotry has helped me to develop a strong foundation grounded in my faith to call for justice and equity. My ethics, informed and molded by Islam call me to a universal commitment to struggle to apply justice in all situations. I oppose bigotry, racism, and extremism whether it be: anti-Semitism, xenophobia, imperialism, colonialism, terrorism, state terrorism, and extremisms of all stripes and shades.

This unique time in our history is seeing many developments on different levels and in various dimensions. It requires a heart that is engaged, that exudes love wedded to justice applying mercy and compassion to all of God’s servants, this is the path that seekers of His Light tread, at the end of the path is Him just as He was the beginning – this is true becoming.

I have in the past contributed to sites such as Media Monitors, Islamophobia Watch, SuhaibWebb.com, and others. Currently, I contribute to Gates of Vienna vs. The World vs. LGF along with my partners in crime Lex, The Agent of Chaos and The Sphinx. I also contribute to Chasing Evil, founded by Rev. Jim Sutter, a fighter against bigotry and racism.

May Allah accept all that is good from this endeavor and make quickly forgotten all that is bad.

10 Responses to “About”

  1. gess Says:

    As’salamu Aleikum,

    Before I forget, Ramadan Karim (-:

  2. gess Says:

    Did I really said “Ramadan Karim?

    I meant of course, Eid Mubarak 🙂

    I think it is time to get some sleep.

  3. m@q Says:

    And Thank you for maintaining a nice blog… Like your view point…

  4. mtakbar Says:

    Thank you, m@q, and welcome. I look forward to your perspective as well.

  5. izenjero Says:

    Hello mtakbar,

    I’m a new blogger, but in a similar area to you, I am a student of Dr. Afroz and I post her work plus videos. To maximize the space on the main page of the blog, how do you truncate your posts; this is only to show the first half of the post & stop it with “(more…)” on the main page, & only show the complete length on its own page?


  6. I actually have the same question as izen above here, but I’m on Blogger so it’s slightly different. Still, I’m NOT a new blogger, so my ignorance is just pathetic. Sad, sad, sad. We should’ve picked WordPress. Sphinx’s own site is on WordPress. I’m the big dummy though, Sphinx is the genius;) But hey, if you know how, I’d love to know too!

    So, what research work are you in? Not enough “about”! We need more! OK, sorry, no pressure. Do you listen to music other than hip hop though? I’m curious now. You’ve piqued my interest. And who the hell are MUSLIMS AGAINST SHARIA!?!?!? LOL

  7. mtakbar Says:

    Izenjero did you get my email by the way to your question?

    Dear Lex,

    You’re a great writer and very witty, definitely adding you on to the links section. I’m not really familiar with Blogger so can’t help there, sorry. 😦

    I research haters and Islamophobes and their distorted lives in general. LOL.

    I listen to more than hip hop, I like listening to ‘Oud, Naseer Shama very good check him out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIz80pjMO68&feature=channel_page The name of this piece is “The Tranquility of the Night in Baghdad”.
    . I also enjoy Reggae and oh yes the OLDIES! Blues and Jazz.

  8. Oh yeah, thanks for the link. When I figure out how to separate our links between the good guys and the bad I’ll add you. Promise;)

  9. lacithedog Says:

    HI, I am an anti-zionist(both Christian and Jewish), interfaith-ecumenical, lefty, peace creep, environmentalistwho is happy to find a kindred spirit. Anti-islam is weird, and even weirder coming from an insane Jewess who should learn her own history (does she know about Sephardic culture?).


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