large_43421_6502911Jewish Military Rabbis  throughout the war were teaching that the offensive and massacre of Gaza is a War of Obligation and necessity. I have written about this ideology here.

They are teaching that soldiers shouldn’t worry about the difference between Civilians and Combatants and to discard International Law. They are teaching soldiers to be cruel to all Palestinians. Is this maybe the reason we saw the attacks on the Civilian infrastructure, UN facilities, schools, Universities Mosques, Red Cross ambulances, UN storehouses, hospitals and countless civilians? Is this why we saw the use of White Phosphorous, depleted Uranium, DIME bombs, cluster bombs and other weapons of mass destruction and devestation in contravention to International Law? The IDF soldier is indeed a better equipped terrorist brainwashed by extremist Religious Zionist ideology. If this were a Mufti or Shaykh wouldnt this be top news?