United Imperial States of America and the Israeli Colonial Entity take heed!

Ibn Khaldun the first Sociologist states in his Muqqadima:

“Wars have always occurred in the world since God created it. The origin of war is the desire of certain human beings to take revenge on others, each party supported by people sharing its esprit de corps. When they have sufficiently excited each other for the purpose, and the two parties confront each other, one seeking revenge and the other trying to defend itself, there is war. It is something natural among human beings. No nation and no generation are free from it. The reason for revenge is, as a rule, either jealousy and envy, or aggression and hostility, or zeal on behalf of God and religion, or zeal on sovereign authority and the effort to maintain government. The first kind of war usually occurs between neighboring tribes and competing families. The second kind, which is a war of aggression and hostility, usually occurs among savage nations in less civilized areas…Such people earn their livelihood with their lances and swords, and acquire sustenance by depriving others of their possessions. They declare war against anyone who defends their property against them. They have no desire for rank and authority, only for depriving others of their possessions. The third [kind of war] is religious, and the sacred law refers to it as “jihad.” The fourth is a war in defense of the sovereign against those who refuse to obey the state.”

Gaza know that you are in a long line of Righteous Resistance against savagery and oppression! Ibn Taymiyyah states in his Majmu’ Al-Fatawa on the Islamic concept of Jihad:

 “Islamic warfare is always defensive, because the basis of relationships with the non-Muslims is peaceful co-existence; if one reflects deeply on the causes of the Prophet’s (pbuh) military expeditions, one will find that all of them were of this type.”