Joey, I know you ran two unsucessful bids to be the republican representative of your district but maybe you can be McCains new mascot Joe “the terrorist supporting Kahanist.”

Joey “Kahane” Kaufman says in reply to my exposing his terrorist connections:

I’ll say it again, in clear terms. I am not a follower of Kahane, nor have I ever supported any of the groups he is affiliated with. That includes Kahane Chai, Kach and the JDL. Your articles calling me a Kahanist are lies.
But what is not a lie is that you have been involved in a group that has direct ties to Hamas, that being CAIR. What is not a lie is that CAIR is currently named as a co-conspirator for a federal trial in Dallas, Texas dealing with the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas.
What is not a lie is that you have used your blog to defend Al-Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, and you have called co-conspirator of the HLF trial Jamal Said “an esteemed local Imam.”
It was the U.S. Justice Department that named CAIR and Jamal Said as co-conspirators, albeit “unindicted co-conspirators,” not me. You are upset that I speak out against groups like CAIR and ISNA, but why shouldn’t I, when the U.S. government is making the clear case that these groups are involved in nefarious activities?
But that’s why you and a number of CAIR ops mention Kahane with me – to discredit me.
Those are not lies. They are facts. And of course, there are many more that I did not list, such as your support for co-conspirator Siraj Wahhaj and Tariq Ramadan, who has been locked out of the U.S.
But what you wrote is unambiguously a lie.
Joe Kaufman

Joey, you are an unrepentant follower of Kahane as your attempts at deflection, projection and ad hominem attacks in your reply clearly reveals. You seem to revel in hypocrisy and lies, but you aren’t even good at that. The evidence stands for it self.

It is clear that you can’t bring yourself to condemn a terrorist such as Kahane and his organization. You eulogized him after his death! Someone who advocated genocide, who advocated a Biblical theocracy through violence, who called for the expulsion of all Palestinians from not only Israel but the Palestinian territories by force – you saw the need to eulogize and extol.

Let us further analyze the article you wrote in praise of Kahane. The article itself was titled “A Kahane Legacy Lost” which doesn’t indicate disapproval but rather support. It sounds like a sense of sadness and despair at the passing of one of the vilest demagogues of the 20th century, the same as if some one were to eulogize a white supremacist. In it you describe your admiration for Kahane as you state:

“I never did get that chance to see him, though. He was murdered seventeen days before the event…I recall seeing one of my fellow JSU members crying, after hearing about this. I couldn’t believe that a person that I knew so little about…could elicit such feelings in someone… at least someone that wasn’t related or even a friend of the family! But I soon learned otherwise, as I watched the film that was shown in Kahane’s place. It was a film of a speech that he had given previously, and I cannot describe to you properly just how moving it was!” (Emphasis added) (“A Kahane Legacy Lost,” JDL Forums)

This wasn’t terribly long ago Joey as you yourself posted this Jan 2, 2001 on the discussion forum for the terrorist organization JDL. The forum has now been disabled, “due to a breach of the Network54 User Agreement by the owner of this forum. Network54 does not allow forums that contain or contain links to…hatred and racism of any kind, guns or firearms, or any other material that may be deemed libelous or offensive to another individual or organization. ”

If you glossed over this fact in my last post I can’t emphasize enough the fact that JDL is not some “un-indicted co-conspirator” hullabaloo which you’re obsessed with, but is recognized as a terrorist organization by the US State Department.

Kahane was dead in 1990, so are you seriously going to tell us that in between that time and when you posted this glowing eulogy 11 years later on the JDL forums you had not become acquainted with Kahane’s racism and extremism. Oh but wait you don’t think Kahane is extremist as you state:

“All that I knew was that, at my college, semester after semester, the Black Student Union brought another prominent anti-Semitic black Muslim onto the campus to speak, and we (the Jewish Student Union) were bringing an “extremist Jew” named Meir Kahane to counteract this.” (“A Kahane Legacy Lost,” JDL Forums)

Aside from highly doubting your fact-less claim that the Black Student Union at your College, semester after semester, invited prominent anti-Semitic black Muslims (evidence please) you obviously take offense at the description of Meir Kahane as an “extremist Jew.” Why is it that you get all worked up into an emotional frenzy when you feel Muslims do not do a sufficient job condemning terrorists but when it comes to an actual terrorist such as Meir Kahane you are evasive and refuse to clearly condemn him and your previous statements of support for him?

On top of all this you still refuse to answer as to why you had a link to on your personal website. You state that the link was there a long time ago and you “apologized” for it but the facts again contradict your meek lies. This is probably the most damning evidence showing your true Kahanist colors as you only took the site down once you were exposed by CAIR. As Buddy Nevins of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported at the time:

“Shortly after the group issued its news release denouncing Kaufman’s Web site links to Kahane.Org and HinduUnity.Org, he removed them.‘It is beyond hypocritical for a person who uses defamatory smears against CAIR, a mainstream civil rights group that has been consistent in its repeated condemnation of terrorism in all its forms, to promote the views of actual terrorists,’ said Altaf Ali, executive director of CAIR’s Florida office.” (“Islamic Council Rebukes Joe Kaufman’s Terror Ties,” South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 4/25/03)

This article came out in 2003, about five years ago Joey; not really a long time, but long enough for you to have knowledge of who Kahane was and his agenda. Buddy Nevins goes on:

“The groups that had links from Kaufman’s Web site did echo, if not the sentiments of anti-Muslim terrorists, at least vehemently anti-Islamic views. Kahane.Org is a site that promotes the views of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was assassinated in New York City in 1990. He was dedicated to turning Israel into a Jewish theocracy and expelling all Arabs. Kahane.Org is closely allied with and has a link on its Web site to Kach, a group whose members have been involved in repeated terrorist acts against Arabs. President Bill Clinton issued an executive order in 1995 freezing the financial accounts of Kach in the United States because of its terrorist activities.

He is…clearly no friend of the Arab viewpoint. For instance, Kaufman said he was against any Palestinian state because he said that 80 percent of the Palestinians support suicide bombers.” (“Islamic Council Rebukes Joe Kaufman’s Terror Ties,” South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 4/25/03)

Your opposition to a Palestinian state and the will of most Palestinians and Jews for a two state solution mirros the position of the JDL, which stated in an interview with FrontPageMag (which you write for):

We brought in [in March, Member of Israeli Knesset] Moshe Feiglin because he’s for a Jewish state. He is not for what they call a two-state solution. The majority of Jewish groups are for a two-state solution, but we see it as a tragedy and that’s what happened with [the] Oslo [Accords]… We believe that the Jewish people face a threat. Those threats must be exposed. There are so many [anti-Israel] groups that use simplistic terms, like “boycott” and “racist” in terms of Israel, and that is a code word for delegitimizing the State of Israel, or its destruction. That small state is surrounded by much larger Arab and Muslim states that make no apologies for their existence. We’re advocating a strong Israel and a Jewish Israel. We don’t believe that’s racist. (The Jewish Defense League Returns to Canada, FrontPageMag, 7/28/08)

This hasn’t been your only foray into anti-Arab and Islamophobic activities as you don’t miss a chance to harass American Muslims or engage in hypocritical lies about American Muslims. Let me remind you of the time you spent with a fellow Islamophobe Rev. O’Neal Dozier, who stated amongst other things that “Islam is a dangerous and evil cult.” Do you share those sentiments with your friend Joey? Both of you joined together to stop the building of a mosque, and you were quoted as stating, “This mosque should not exist on American shores”. O’Neal Dozier and you were condemned at the time by the NAACP which called your views “religious intolerance.” (“Seeking a new mosque, they find a cultural turf war,” SPTimes, 7/15/06)

At other times you have stated that American Muslims are a “fifth column” and that not only don’t they belong in the US military, they don’t belong in the United States! Quite a Kahanic statement Joey:

“This fifth column obviously has no place in our upstanding military, which serves to provide protection for even them – our in-house enemies. In all actuality, they have no place in our country to begin with.” (Emphasis added)(“American Muslims vs. the US Military,” FrontPageMag, 1/15/08)

It remains that your most outlandish, absurd and insane comment which in my last post I brought to your attention you still refuse to repudiate. It is a comment in which you advocate nuclear holocaust against Muslims, something that would come out of the mouth of a Kahanist or one influenced by the Kahanist ideology and philosophy:

“Question: If the decimation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the right thing to do, in response to Pearl Harbor, then why the heck are we saving our nuclear weapons now? And furthermore, if we’re not using them, why do we have the nukes in the first place? After all, there is no more Soviet Union to compete with. If the attacks are not a good enough reason to use them, then what are we holding on to them for?!!! Now, at this point, you may think of me as being no less than a madman, but hear me out, for I have a method to my madness.”(“Making Friends with the Enemy…the Nuclear Way”, 11/18/01)

Instead of answering these questions on your association, support and affinity for terrorists and Islamophobes you chose to evade the issue and attempted to change the subject to me. You charge that Aafia Siddiqui is an AlQaeda operative yet her trial is still going on and many have questioned criticized the gaping holes and flaws in the official government story, but for you any Muslim is guilty before proven innocent. Joey as a paralegal you should know that’s not the way the law works in this country. The government has claimed such things before in their drive to prove that they are locking people up in this war on terror and they have been flat out wrong 99% of the time. That is exactly what happened with Brandon Mayfield whom the government charged with aiding terrorist only to be embarrassed when they were exposed for being wrong and had to settle a law suit with Mayfield.

All charges were dismissed in the HLF case which you were falling all over and praying would find guilty verdicts and even after millions of dollars and many court room shenanigans the government has still not succeeded in its witch hunt. Unfortunately this is your modus operandi to label all American Muslim organizations as connected to Hamas or terrorists which in light of your clear connections to JDL and admiration for Kahane is laughable.

“The politicized case against the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), an American charity providing aid to needy families in Palestine, alleged material support for a terrorist organization. This was so even while the government conceded that HLF only provided assistance to real charitable organizations and persons.”

You use the trope of “maybe alleged un-indicted co-conspirators” as though it were a conviction and proof of terrorism. This label is the mere opinion of the prosecutor who has no evidence and is in fact nothing but a political tool wielded by the government in an attempt to prove it is doing something in the so called War on Terror.

“What is additionally outrageous in this case is the fact that the Department of Justice named 306 individuals and organizations as un-indicted co-conspirators in the case. The exhaustive list includes several major American Muslim organizations in this country.

Such intimidation and harassment leveled against American Muslims and their religious, civic and charitable organizations by this administration is yet another manifestation of the recent erosion of American constitutional freedoms. The fear-mongering campaign opted for by many in this administration – and supported by avowedly anti-Muslim groups – has created a climate of Islamophobia that is contrary to the basic values of this otherwise tolerant country.
But it is the assault upon constitutional freedoms under the guise of terrorist-related prosecutions that is most shocking.

Since 2002, an estimated 500 cases have been brought against Muslims in America. Half of these have been dismissed as being without merit. The rest have all resulted in either acquittals or negotiated pleas on minor charges which are unrelated to the original indictment. Of the 500 cases, it is estimated that some 30 of them may have had some reasonable foundation in law.

In no other area of prosecution has the Department of Justice produced such an extraordinarily high percentage of dismissed cases and cases resulting in guilty pleas on unrelated charges. This, in itself, raises concerns that these prosecutions were informed by the fear-mongering claims of the current administration that terrorism à-la 9/11 may become an indigenous product and that American Muslims may be a new clear and present danger.  Not only is this outrageously wrong, it is un-American in every respect.

These overreaches and abuses by the Department of Justice, not the least of which is the case of Dr. Sami Al-Arian – who continues to linger in jail because of a vindictive prosecutorial approach against someone who was never proven to have been guilty of any terrorist-related charges – weakens our democracy rather than protects it.

The inclusion of 306 un-indicted co-conspirators as mentioned above is intended to put these organizations and individuals on notice that they should not stand up for their rights under the Constitution.

Obviously, these charges are also intended to dry up contributions and support for these organizations and eventually open them up to frivolous lawsuits for damages by those who have been victims of terrorism elsewhere.

The perverse nature of the un-indicted co-conspirator designation made public in the HLF case is that those so-designated cannot challenge the designation in a court of law and thus have no way to restore their reputation to its earlier standing. This is a unique situation where any person or organization can be designated “guilty by association” and stigmatized as such without legal redress.

There is no doubt that the Department of Justice in selecting that list of 306 organizations and individuals intended to accomplish such results, especially for three of the largest and most effective American Muslim organizations: The Islamic Society of North America, the North American Islamic Trust and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Also none of those you named such as Tariq Ramadan or Imam Siraaj Wahaj are terrorists or supporters of terrorists such as your leader Meir Kahane no matter how much you attempt to smear them.

I wouldn’t expect you as an Islamophobic Kahanist Joey to care about American civil liberties or Habeas Corpus as your clear agenda is to take down American Muslim organizations and individuals, but it’s a shame you have to lie about who you are when the facts are clear. Your lies as to not being a Kahanist are as convincing as when Nixon stated that he “was not a crook.” You are not an objective person as is clear from your clear partisan outlook and membership with all things extreme right-wing, but again you were the vice chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a frequent contributor to FrontPageMag founded by the racist and Islamophobe David Horowitz.

Joey do us a favor before you go yelling “terrorist” and “maybe alleged un-indicted co-conspirator” take a good hard look at your own record of supporting terrorists and terrorist organizations.