Joe Kaufman the Quixotic wanna-be gumshoe detective whom I wrote about before has been leaving comments all over the web, where ever he can, in regards to the article I wrote “Kahanist Kaufman Slimes Muslim Youth.” (In which he lives up to his fine tradition of “innuendo and excessive rhetoric” by comparing American Muslim youth to Hamas members). He says:

This article is a lie. I have never been a follower of Meir Kahane. I had a link on my old personal political site to a long time ago. I pulled down the link and issued a statement on the site apologizing for having the link there. I also wrote an article about Kahane’s death. That’s it. I am not a supporter of any of the organizations he is affiliated with, nor have I ever been. I do not think about Kahane, and I do not bring him up in conversations. Calling me a Kahanist is a slanderous lie only meant to discredit me. As to the other allegations made in this article, the author is entitled to his/her opinion, no matter how absurd it may be.

This is a lame, inadequate and insufficient attempt to cover your affiliations with the radical racist and terrorist demagogue Meir Kahane and raises troubling questions Joe. Why did you have the link to in the first place! Any reasonable person would assume that you sympathize with Kahane’s project or at least believed in giving him and his ideology a platform; the former seems the most likely in light of further evidence such as when you eulogized his death (as you admitted above) stating:

[i]t was perfectly understandable, if he were to have hated Arabs. Just like, during the Holocaust, it was perfectly understandable for a Jew to hate Germans…If the Kahanes’ memory serves us any purpose, it’s to show that trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves.”

This proves the lie of  your hollow defense that you do not think about Kahane. The fact is you were deeply moved and influenced by the founder of the JDL which if  you don’t know Joe is labeled a terrorist organization by the US State Department.  The ADL has listed the terrorist activities as well as attacks carried out by the JDL just in case you need “proof.”  The reason you don’t bring up Kahane in “conversations” is because you know it is inexpedient and detrimental to your cause of taking down American Muslim organizations.  Fellow Americans should look closely at the clear communitarianism in what you write: “trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves.” This sums up Kahane’s philosophy “we the Jews cannot trust anyone, no gentile can be trusted.” Spoken like a true Kahanist Joe.

Aside from your stalking Muslim organizations (for which you were hit with a restraining order) and events such as Muslim Day Parade, or Six Flags America we see the effects of Kahanism on your radical thinking. Do you remember this gobsmacking statement you made after 9/11:

If the decimation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the right thing to do, in response to Pearl Harbor, then why the heck are we saving our nuclear weapons now? And furthermore, if we’re not using them, why do we have the nukes in the first place? After all, there is no more Soviet Union to compete with. If the attacks are not a good enough reason to use them, then what are we holding on to them for?!!! Now, at this point, you may think of me as being no less than a madman, but hear me out, for I have a method to my madness.”

You are a mad man Joe, a paranoid mad man.  Will you apologize for these statements as well?  Will you condemn Meir Kahane’s terrorism, extremism and racism.  Will you disavow him, his movement and his followers – clearly and unambiguously. It is only fair as you go around asking every Muslim you see to condemn terrorism while at the same time casting suspicion and lies on all of them.