Who would win the Islamophobe Swim Suit edition? Probably 50 year old Botox Queen Pam Geller Oshry, last year it was Michelle “your token Asian” Malkin, and the 7 years before that Anne Coulter. This year the field was “tough” as Pam had to go up against the likes of Debbie “Schlomo” Schlussel, Caroline Glick, and the surprise from the UK Melanie “Mad Mel” Phillips. Brigitte Gabriel and Nonie Darwish weren’t allowed to take part because they were too “brown” and too “Arab. ” Congrats Pam!

Pam Geller Oshry is a blogger for Israel and an Islamophobe who has a blog popular with the old farts in the right wing Likudo-Zionist Neo-Con fringe called Atlas Shrugs. She also created something called “Muslims Against Sharia” which basically has her and one other “guy” who leaves comments filled with obscenity’s and insults on websites and blogs.

She seems to think of her self as intelligent but she just comes out as dumb and contradictory especially in this interview with Cenk of Young Turks:

Notice her befuddlement on the Iraq topic reminds you of Sarah Palin almost. Let the right-wing exploitation continue!