hahaha-you got pied sucka!

hahaha-you got pied sucka!

The right wing Zionist-Evangelical nut blogs are fired up and claiming victory for their cause of destroying Islam and casting suspicion on all Muslims with the recent decision of USC provost Nikias to delete certain Ahadith from the website of the Muslim Students Association which was hosted on the USC server.  This server was used by many researchers to find Hadith and Quran verses as the site contained many thousands of Hadith from famous classical Islamic books such as Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari.



Ashley Archibald in a classic case of sloppy journalism 101 repeats the contention of Aron Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center that “Hier was troubled by five hadiths advocating Muslim violence against Jews to hasten the coming of the “final hour.” She does no fact checking on the statement nor does she qualify his statement rather she presents it as fact taking his word for it. One has to question whether she read the hadith in question herself?


I am familiar with the Ahadith in question as well as Islamic Eschatology and none of them leave any room for any interpretation that would indicate that Muslims have the power to HASTEN the final hour. That is in the hands of God and it is prohibited to even think that we can hasten anything, in fact that would be amongst the greatest sins of associating partners with God. (The ironic thing is that this idea is more prevalent in certain trends of Christianity and Judaism which believe they can harken the end times and bring about the Messiah.)


Neither do the Hadith ADVOCATE the killing of Jews to bring about the final hour, but rather they are prophecy of what will occur in the last days in which the Sunni Islamic belief is that many Jews will side with the anti-Christ and will fight against the believers and for this reason they will be killed in a great battle.


The truth is that this is a case of manipulation another fact checking point that Ashley forgot when she relied on the racist David Horowitz.  David Horowitz is a seminal Islamophobe who last year hit the campuses of Universities for his widely condemned “Islamofascist” week where such luminaries as Anne Coulter and Rick Santorum spoke on the evils of Islam and Muslims.


This year he plans on attacking and taking down MSA’s across the country he is also a part of the CampusWatch project which aims to take out professors that they dislike.  They also encourage right wing students to report on their teachers and get them fired.  So much for academic integrity and freedom of speech!


It seems provost Nikios for who knows what reason gave in to the intimidation and pressure, but we must ask him is he ready to do the same to other sacred scriptures. Is he prepared to ban, delete verses of the Torah, Talmud, New Testament, Vedas, the Upanishads, etc?  Verses which if read outside of context or commentary are even more “blood curdling” than the Ahadith that have been deleted.