FoxNews is crap! Anyways to proceed look how this foolish host introduces us to Imam Siraaj Wahhaj, by using such words as “controversial,” repeating the mantra of him being an alleged “unindicted co-conspirator” (which is nothing more than an opinion by the prosecutor based on zero facts), then describing him as “lashing out,” and “denying that he came up with the program to plaster the Subway trains with pro-Islam ads,” (in fact he didn’t come up with it ICNA a group he is not part of did) and “he says its a coincidence that the campaign coincides with Septermber 11th, he insists that it coincides with the holy month of Ramadan.”

There is so much to disect here and destroy this false idea of fairness and balance on FOX, but why waste my time. This is a non-story, or as Ibrahim Hooper correctly stated, “A tempest in a teapot”.  The only reason this has become an issue is because of looney and absurd right wing pundits/bloggers, such as the buffoon on the show Mike Gallagher who looks like an old goofier version of the Joker.

I wouldve started off my response by blasting the host for this disgusting and evidently biased introduction and then frame the issue away from this false dichotomy of Imam Siraaj somehow “against” New York, or Islam v. New York and bring it back to what this is really about and that is a hit campaign by extreme right wingers and Islamophobes!

Imam Siraaj is more of a New Yorker than the other two fools on this show! New Yorkers, the one’s who are working class, people in his neighborhood in Brooklyn know who he is and his community organizing skills. His fight to rid his neighborhood of crime, to promote justice. The NYPD even honored him for his amazing contribution. This man is an asset to America and New York! So what if he was a character witness in a trial for the so called Blind Sheikh. Is he guilty by association now! He has nothing to hide. Like Ibrahim Hooper stated he was called on to answer questions and he did so.