“And We did not send you except as a rahma (mercy) for the universe” (“Wa Maa arsalnaaka illa Rahmatul lil’Alamin”). [21:107]

According to Sh. Ibn ‘Ashur (ra) the ‘Ulema (scholars) of Islam have extracted 24 benefits from the above verse and one of them is that this verse contains Islam in its entirety.

1. The Sender-It is Allah swt, the one who sent the Prophet (pbuh).

2.  The Sent- Is Muhammad (pbuh).

3. His Message- It is rahma (mercy, compassion).

4. Reciepients of the Message- al’ Alamin (the whole of mankind/the universe).

In one small phrase, Allah swt described everything about this religion and everything that composes this religion. Reflect!

Taken from: Khutba by Imam Suhaib Webb, “Articulating our Role as American Muslims,” April, 04, 2008.