For most Muslims the answer is obvious, but the purpose behind the title is to highlight the weak arguments of those who make the claim that Muslims use the term “Islamophobe to stifle debate.”  As JinnZaman states,

In his book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam”, Robert Spencer argues that the use of the term “Islamophobe” is merely a tactic from radical Islamists to stifle legitimate critique of terrorism and the alleged imperialistic tendencies of Islam and Muslims. However, it has been shown that Spencer systematically engages in important omissions, weak comparisons, and misrepresentations in virtually all of his speeches, posts, and books. These tactics reveal that his underlying objective is to malign Islam and it exposes the inherent bias and bigotry he has to Islam and Muslims. Thus, it is entirely justifiable him to be condemned as an Islamophobe. There are different degrees of Islamophobia. Calling for violence against Muslims who have nothing to do with terrorism is clearly a manifestation of Islamophobia. Systematically stereotyping Muslims in spite of factual evidence to the contrary is also a manifestation of Islamophobia. Essentially, Spencer engages in the latter with his constant smear campaigns against Islam and Muslims. Thus, he deserves the epithet of Islamophobe.

If anyone wants to read well articulated and thorough refutation from an academic view of Spencer’s arguments then they should read the complete post on JinnZaman’s site.