Part 1:

So it actually happened a debate/dialogue between arch-Islamophobe/quasi Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali and my main man from Switzerland Tariq Ramadan.  Ayaan was absolutely agiggle and like a little school girl in her giddiness during this confrontation. My question is: Is it possible to dialogue with an Islamophobe, or Muslim hater? The Prophet pbuh did.  For all my dislike of Ayaan, for all my disgust at her stupidity and Uncle Tomishness I dont wish for her to be killed.

My question is what does he mean when he says he has been put outside the realm of Islam by Wahabism? Is TR conflating Salafis and Extremist Takfeeri offspring of Salafis? I think it is important that we don’t throw any of our brothers under the bus, whether we agree with them or not. There is valid criticism of Salafiya Movement but we should come to their aid when they are being singled out and abused. Also I wouldnt have left the comment about Ibn Taymiyya go unchallenged, as he is one of our Mujtahid, Mujaddid, Saviours of this Deen Imam’s.  I know though that time was short and he couldnt get every point. Overall he did a good job spanking Ayaan. Enjoy!

Part 2:

Part 3: