“Chi-Town, South Side, World wide” – Kanye West

All I could think when they were trying to get Barack on his association with Louis Farrakhan was that they are going to go after Rev. Wright next so I thought I would put in my two cents about this whole controversy surrounding Rev. Wright and the Obama campaign.  First of all almost every single YouTube video is like a minute long and there is no helpful context or setting given to what are actually much longer sermons (this website The Truth About Trinity United does provide truth and context). 

Nothing that the Reverend said was outrageous!  “Chickens coming home to roost” echoes the saying of one of my greatest heroes Malcolm X, and is a refernece to “blowback,” something acknowledged by the CIA, 9/11 Commission and which at least one candidate for president (Ron Paul) spoke about in debates.  The “God damn America” comment was in reference to the way America has in the past set itself up as in effect an “idol” and a rival “god” which doesnt jive with the Biblical message that God is One and He does not change.  It is also a shot at what has become a silly slogan that people parrot of “God Bless America” even when it is dropping bombs and murdering and pillaging other nations and peoples. We wish for God to Bless not only America but the entire world! Do you actually want God to bless destruction as many extreme right wing Christians have done and continue to do?  It’s a call to be more self critical, reflective and liberate yourself from the pantheon of American state sanctioned civil religion.

I have to say that even though as a Muslim I have disagreements with the Reverend on theological and some social grounds, I am in total agreement with him as far as most social and political issues go, and I WILL NOT BE A PARTY TO THE “HIGH TECH LYNCHING” that is taking place upon his character. “and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, “We are Christians”: because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant. “(Holy Quran 5:82)

Also a comment on what I have seen in some of these interviews in which he has been slandered as a racist as well as his Church being labeled racist because of its charter which says “we are for black values, black leaders, black…etc.” Commentators and real racists such as Sean Hannity of FoxNews say if we replaced “black” with “white” it would be called racism, but the fact of the matter is that the two are not equivalent in the least. 

Black history as an oppressed and marginalized minority is a sharp contrast to the dominant power structure which historically has been run by Whites.  This nation has a history of White racist Churches (KKK) and White Christians who sanctioned slavery; there is NO such equivalent movement amongst Black Christianity.  One group is trying to maintain the status quo (racist Whites) while another (conscious Blacks) are fighting for survival and dignity, that is why it is important to have “black values” support “black leaders”, etc. in the face of pograms seeking your extinction.  Furthermore Whites do not have a coherent identity or idea of unity as one people, where as blacks do because of their collective history in this nation.

Peace from a Northsider to all those that are part of Trinity United and much respect to Reverend Wright!