images1.jpg “There is No God, except God, and Muhammad is God’s Messenger,” this is our simple testimony throughout every place and time which hopefully we carry deep within our hearts throughout our lives.  Sometimes through the maze of life from amongst its shadows a light appears who calls us towards and reminds us of this simple message and to whom the hearts incline because it is clear that this person embodys ikhlas (sincerity) combined with knowledge.  Sheikh Abdul Hamid Kishk was one such man.  Ask anyone in the streets of Old Cairo, or on the minibus on the street about him and they will tell you about his steadfastness in the face of tyranny, his unrelenting call towards truth and justice, his humility and his great humor.  A man who could bring tears to your face in one minute and laughter in the next.  Anyone who listens to his inspirational lectures cannot help but be shaken.  One story I just want to relate about him is that the Egyptian authorites imprisoned him one time and they put vicious dogs with him in his cell to torture him as was their method but it was reported that the dogs just sat next to him doing nothing and when the prison guards showed their dismay and shock at this he told them, “Dogs only eat Dogs.” Allahu Akbar! 






In this regard I present a very inadequate translation of one of his powerful lectures concerning the end of the world.  His oratory and story telling skills are at their finest and the English really doesn’t do justice to the Arabic.  We are confronted with the vivid scenes of the Last Hour, the reality of death and God Almighty calling out the oppressive and unjust leaders who in their haughtiness really believed in the illusion of this World and in effect denied the coming of the Next. 






Comment: The video for his lecture is of an asteroid hitting the earth which though somewhat out of place, I also thought was on point with his topic as far as the destruction of the world goes.  Also the music is quite fitting with the voice of the Sheikh though it isn’t even needed as the voice of the sheikh is dramatic enough.



Revised Translation: (Special thanks Dr.Magdy)-

And when the first blast of the trumpet approaches, Allah the Most High will send a soft wind, softer and more delicate than silk from Yemen through out the Earth that will not find a servant that possesses even an atom’s weight of Iman (faith) in his heart except that it will seize his soul because The Hour will not be established except on the most evil of creation. Then Allah will command Angel Israfeel with the first blast of the trumpet and after it everyone in the heavens and the earth will be shocked sa3eqa except whom Allah wills, and the Earth will stay in this desolate state for 40 years, on its surface there will be no sign of life, there will be no one on its surface who will have life…illa Allah(except Allah)…Everything will be below turab the surface of earth…No Europe, and No America, and No Germany, and No England, No China and no France… “And they ask you concerning the mountains, and Say My Lord will uproot them, and scatter them as dust” (20:105), “Nothing crooked or curved wilt thou see in their place” (20:107), and “On the day that Earth will be changed to another Earth, and also the Heavens” (14:4 Allah the Most High will say “O, Angel of Death who is left from amongst the creation”…Humans have perished, and Jinns have perished, and the Angels have perished…and (remember) when the angels asked Allah concerning His statement “Every soul shall taste death,” (21:35) the angels said we are not Nufoos, but we are verily pure Arwaah (Spirits)…and when the verse of Allah swt was revealed “Everything upon it will be annihilated” (55:26) the angels said we are not upon the earth but verily we reside in the heavens…and when the verse was revealed “Everything will be haalik (i.e.utterly destroyed/perished) except His Face, for Him is the Judgment and to Him shall you all return” (28:8) the Angels fell in prostration to Allah and said, “Glory be to Him who exists Alone, eternally”…Perished are the angels, and the humans, and the jinns, and the birds and everything that is on the earth and above the heavens…except the Angel of death…who is questioned by Allah, “O’ Angel of death who remains from amongst the creation”…he says, “My Lord, no one is left except Jibreel, Mikael, Israfeel, and this servant of yours in front of you now between your Hands…and Allah says “Seize the spirit of Jibreel, O’ Angel of death”, and so he seizes Jibreel’s spirit, “Who is left from the creation, O Angel of death” “Mikael, Israfeel, and this servant of yours between your hands” “Seize the spirit of Mikael”and he seizes it, then he says “Seize the spirit of Israfeel, O’ angel of death,” and he seizes it…and then The most Powerful, Most Magnificent asks him “Who is left from amongst the creation O’ Angel of death” and he says “No one is left except this servant of yours between your Hands” and then He says to the Angel of Death, “Die! O’ Angel of death!”… “die, O’ Angel of death”…and so the Angel of Death dies…and when he feels the sakra (stupor) of death he will say “O’ by your Honor and your Magnificence, If I knew that the stupor of death was verily such a torment as this I would have sought from you to pardon me from seizeing the souls of your slaves,” …and he dies…and he dies…and the Angel of death dies…and Allah looks towards the earth and it will be khawiyatun ‘ala ‘urushiha (in utter ruin)… “When the sun is folded up”… “When the stars fall, loosing their luster” When the mountains vanish (like a mirage)” “When the she-camels are left unattended” and “When the Oceans are set on fire” and “When the souls are reunited” and “When the sky is torn away” and “When the garden is brought near” and “When the Blazing fire is kindled” …and then Your lord looks at the World, and it is khaaliya (completely empty) and He says “O’ World, where are your rivers, and where are your trees, where are your seas where are your palaces, , where are the Kings, where are the sons of the Kings, where are the mighty, where are the sons of the mighty, where are those who lived in my provisions plenty and worshiped others than ME… “For whom is the Dominion this day!” (40:16) … “For whom is the dominion this day!”… “Where are the Kings!” … “Where are the sons of the Kings!” … “Where are those who lived in the White House” … “Where are the governors of the Kremlin” where are the residents of Altien and Palace of Abiedien (palaces of modern rulers of Egypt)…” and You lived in homes in which they oppressed themselves and it was made clear to you how we deallt with them and we have set forth similitude’s for you”… and “verily they planned their plots and with Allah were all their vain plots even though their plots were such as to shake the mountains” (14:46)