wx60b8w71.jpg Chicago used to have one of the most vibrant graffiti scenes in the nation and in many ways it still is producing sick writers(graffiti artists) as there seems to be an explosion of Graf in the city but it is not the same and hasn’t been the same for quite some time.

The city spends millions on buffing(destryoing graffiti) and has passed aggressive and over the top legislation and ordinances that make the life of a writer very hard and dangerous. One can not buy spray paint in the city unless he or she is an authorized painter, and to paint on a public wall one is suppossed to not only get permission from the owner of the property but have it authorized by the city and the permit must be obtained by a licensed contractor. Though this is not followed most of the time local officals (such as aldermen) can arbitrarily interfere and or hinder public art projects. Yes a lot of B.S., yet writers still persevere out here in the Chi.

The millions that the City puts into graffiti busters should be put into Education, Health care, Shelters and other issues of more importance in my opinion.  Also what efforts have been made to provide alternate avenues for youngsters to express their talents and energies in graff in a lawful way?  From what I have seen not many aside from a few self-initiated programs that recieve no help or support from the City. 

In the end of course there will always be a dimension to Graff that is out law and urban jungle to its core. Not everyone is interested in piecing or dope styles though every one appreciates it. There will always be an aspect to Graff that is about getting up, getting fame.

The writer knows this and in my opinion this is why grafin’ in Chicago is the realest, because you continue to do it even with knowledge of your works impermanence. It’s not gonna be up there long, but you’re still gonna rock!