Yesterday was an interesting and busy day as Friday’s usually are for cab drivers.  Chicago in it’s massive diversity has a lot to offer when it comes to seeing and hearing things and cab drivers are in a special position to have an insight into the inner workings and movements of the city.

Earlier in the day I picked up a buji black transexual passenger from Diversy and Broadway going to O’Hare who was talking about the troubles of acceptance he/she faced from her family. From her appearance I couldnt tell she was a transexual but when she spoke you could tell she was a transexual. She had operations that she claimed had made her a female now and I didnt get into the specifics of that. It did make me think about how Khomeini had passed a fatwa declaring that gender operations were alright and this is something that regularly occurs in Iran.

From O’Hare I got two white passengers who were going to Logan Square/Humboldt Park which a few years back when I was still in High School you would hardly find any whites or at least the kind that could afford a cab ride from O’Hare to Logan Square/Humboldt Park. 

The area used to be completely Latino with predominantly Puerto Ricans and amounts of Mexicanos, and others as well as Blacks and an small amount from Asia.  Now gentrification which has been going on for the past few years has taken over and you got historic communities that have lived there for years being pushed out by YUPPIES toward the suburbs or further up North. 

Usually these yuppies just live in these neighborhoods and do not put any investment into them.  They spend their time out in Wicker Park, Old Town, Downtown, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park and BuckTown and when they are efficiently drunk they get a cabbie to drop them off in their new neighborhoods.

This is going on all over the city. You see it on the South Side as well right around Hyde Park with the Woodlawn, Englewood neighborhoods changing and with this plan to try and bring the Olympics to Chicago watch the changes that will occur rapidly in those neigborhoods as they are talking about building an Olympic stadium and village in the Washington Park area.

After stopping for salah at Baba’s Palace I got a fare to the Hilton and as I was pulling out I switched from NPR (which I usually listen while in the cab) to 780AM.  They related a tragic story about a brother and sister couple in the UK who were seperated at a young age and adopted by different families.  Later in life they met each other, and having no idea that they were brother and sister they became attracted to each other and fell in love.  This was obviously very painful for them and they had the marriage annuled.

SubhanAllah, I will say it as plain as possible: This highlights the WISDOM of the Sharia.’   The greatest and most consistent attack on Muslims and Islam has been the attack on Sharia’ or loosely defined as Islamic Law.  It is not only Islamophobes and their backers, or Quasi Muslims that are levelling attacks against Sharia but average people who have no knowledge of what Sharia is and all they can think about when the word is brought up is images of the Taliban, the Saudi rape case, beheadings, stonings, and the cutting of limbs. 

Part of the blame lies upon over zealous and ignorant Muslims who misrepresent Islam and what sharia is and this is why it is critical that those with KNOWLEDGE of Sharia’ speak on it because it is harmful to the cause of Islam when we have ignorant fools mouthing off on it.

Back to the topic though and how it relates to Sharia’.  The objectives of Sharia’ are based on five universal principles: the safe guarding and promotion of 1. Deen(Religion), 2. Nafs(Life), 3.’Aql(the Mind), 4. Nasl/’Ard (Lineage or ties of Kinship/Honor), 5.Maal(Personal Wealth).

Look at number 4. It is the universal Sharia principle of protecting and promoting the ties of kinship and lineage. So when one adopts in Islam the child retains his or her family name and does not take on the adoptive family’s name.  This is in order not to LIE to the child.  You let the child know who their biological family is, how many brothers and sisters they have, their names, their tribe,ethnicity, race. 

This is what happened when the Prophet (pbuh) changed his adopted son’s name from Zaid Ibn Muhammad (Zaid son of Muhammad) to Zaid Ibn Harith (Zaid son of Harith).  It is precisely to protect from such things as what happened to this brother and sister in the UK. 

This also begs the question of how many cases such as the UK one exist not only there but here in the US which has similar problems with its adoption laws? So will the fools and liars at Muslims Against Sharia’ finally admit the beauty of Sharia’ or even an aspect of Sharia. Surely when it benefits society and staves off harm they can not be ‘against sharia” or can they as they are supported by none other than Pam Geller and other Islamophobes.

My last fare of the night was an extremely drunk lady who needed to get home.  Through out the whole ride I was afraid she was going to throw up as she was making motions like she was but she seemed to be controlling herself so I put down the windows and sped as fast as I could to Augusta and Damen where she was going. ONE BLOCK away from her stop she starts to vomit and I stop the car immediately and she continues to proceed to puke out side.  She vomited in my car and pretty much ruined the rest of my night as I couldnt pick up any more passengers, but this also highlighted the wisdom of sharia.  In this instance the 3rd universal principle of Sharia’ or the protection and promotion of the Mind of a human being.

This woman was so damn wasted that she couldnt manage to hold her vomit in my cab let alone know where she was.  She got vomit all over herself and then struggled to pay me and then she was about to give me a $20?  I told her it was going to cost a lot more than that to clean it up but I didnt wish to prolong her or my agony so I just took what ever rest she gave me and told her to be safe. 

This brought up to mind the story of Abu Bakr (ra) who even before Islam detested alcohol and stated once seeing a drunk man who when sober was pretty rational attempting to eat feces that, “Hadha rajulu laa ya’qul,” “This man has no intelligence.” 

If you are a rationalist and believe in pure reason then you have to agree with sharia’ that drinking is harmful and makes no sense. Some how I don’t see Christopher Hitchens putting down his scotch any time soon. It makes people act stupid, lose their minds, and harms society. Imagine how many people like this woman in my cab DON’T take cabs?  I shudder at the thought.