I have wanted to wait to write on the whole Benazir Bhutto assasination as it has been getting a lot of coverage and I wanted to soak in what was being said. 

Firstly, this is a tragic event as another Bhutto has been murdered and just furthers the uncertainty of Pakistan’s future.  Every human life is important and has rights, but Western media outlets and politicians have been eulogizing her as though she were the saint and hope for a true democratic Pakistan. She captured something in the Western imagination in that she embodied what the West wishes they could impose on the Muslim nations.  The West also seems to have fallen into collective amnesia as they forget that Bhutto was a facilitator and supporter of the rise of Taliban and extremism during her terms in office.  She also swindled a lot of money from Pakistan, and spent an unbelivable sum of money for the construction of a massive tomb that rivals the Taj Mahal for her father and brothers.

In Pakistan the mood overall is downcast and sad as most people do not like such violent incidents even if it is against some one who you distrust and dislike.  There are some troubling reactions in which people are celebrating and saying she got what was coming to her. This is a completely disgusting stance to take as those who killed her took the law into their own hands and this violates Sharia’ as there is no vigilantism in Islam.  The other reactions are extreme expressions of grief and violence which are also against Sharia’ and do no good to the dead.

I dont trust the Pakistani government in their assesment of the events and there are a lot of questions that are still to be answered.  There are just so many organizations and people who wanted to see Bhutto dead.  From other opposition powers to outside forces, the Musharraf government, members of the military and intelligence officers, and chiefs in the tribal lands.  In the end it is another twist and blow to Pakistan in its long history of trying to fulfill the reasons for its creation as a nation.