The primordial.  From the faint memory of a scribe


In the Beginning I AM I AM, and I am Time and I am He who is He was First.  In the circle with us sat our cousins those of the smokeless fire peering through the deep blackness like the blackness of the Ka’ba.  We both forgot Him, suffocated His voice – from within.

Then a man and his wife holding an empty cup would say, “We are like this cup” and then they would become distant travelers fighting and raging filling their cup with mountains, shadows, highest skies, and lowest stars and drinking until their hearts would remember a red-green sunset on a horizon in a valley in an orchard under a budding olive-date-fig tree across from a dark stream then they would cry heavy tears- from its memory.  Then a feeling like the splitting of the Moon would stir from within, “Remember Him who is First, there is nothing except Him.”

This was the beginning.

 Book of exile

II. We grasp from the solid sky, at the meeting point of the two East’s and the two West’s gems in the hands of gypsies and we give it you, In the Name of God, the Most Benevolent, the Most Merciful.

Where the towers block the sun next to the Church of J. C.  Nuclear Capitalists…


Listen!  Now it’s cold, so cold here

Listen!  These aren’t violins you hear

Listen!  If any of you look at the horizon or the sky then you are guilty of sin you must be killed, Cast out the evil from amongst you

Listen! I can roll up the firmament with my thumb then spread it out like so many pages of some holy book

Listen! Yesterday stars stayed over in the sky like Motel patrons, they’re gone now I cleaned the sheets

Listen! We take cash, check or credit you can buy as many words as you want

Listen! Silence doesn’t exist, if anyone anywhere anytime stays silent for longer then 3 minutes he should be killed, slice his bones up and throw them in green acid along the Dead Sea

Triumph of prophecy


It is said somewhere in the deepest infinite blackness of space a black hole blacker then the black stone whirls faster then the believers around the Ka’ba, two thousand six hundred years after Hijra and three thousand two hundred years after Christ it will make us One.