I want to share a somewhat grainy YouTube production by Artoong of a debate between scholar Tariq Ramadan and British Pakistani writer Hanif Kureishi in Roma Italy at the Festival Della Filosofia.  It is an interesting debate covering the issues of Islam in the West, its attitude towards raising children, freedom, language, writers, wisdom, etc. 

I think whats outstanding in the debate is the complete ineptitude of Tariq Ramadan’s interlocutor: Hanif Kureishi.  He also reveals something about what I have been writing about as far as Quasi Muslims are concerned, their dogmatic thought, and the magnification of suspicion for anyone who is attempting to be a faithful practicing Muslim as is Tariq Ramadan.

Part 3 is probably the hieght of the debate and the part in which Kureishi truly shows his colors and elitist snobby attitude.

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 3 gets very interesting around 4:47, when TR rebuffs Kureishi’s assertion that believing in one scripture automatically makes you narrow minded and extremist.  At 6:25 he calls Kureishi out on his psychology of suspicion and his approach towards dialogue.“[Y]ou revealed something here which is deep down in your approach. Muslims because they believe in the Quran, its a problem per se and it means all the religious people…because you have to take the same stance with the Dalai Lama, I spent one month with him, the main reference of the Dalai Lama is the Bhagavad Gita, which is specific traditions, now if he (Dalai Lama) is relying on this you have to take exactly the same stance, he is potentionally dangerous, Why not?”To which Kureishi responds, “I would.” TR responds, “It’s stupid. Its stupid.  The Dalai Lama is potentially dangerous.  I didnt know that.[applause]” 

After this it gets interesting as Kureishi again attempts to say its potentionally dangerous to say there is only one source of wisdom, TR rebuffs him using the Quran which says the world is filled with wisdom and Muslims should seek it where ever it is, and the saying of the Prophet “Wisdom is the lost property of the believer, he should take it from where ever he finds it.” TR’s main point is that the problem is not the text, the problem is in the ‘mind’ of the reader of the text because you have some minds that are dogmatic and narrow and others that are open. At 9:59, Kureishi makes the claim of TR that “I dont believe it, I dont believe you Tariq. I dont believe you want literature, because literature terrifies you, there is no Islamic country in the world today that writers feel free.”  TR responds to him, “You think I am not for literature?” Kureishi “I dont think you can be for literature.” TR “Who is the dogmatic mind between you and me now? You are telling me that and I got a masters in French literature and you are telling me I dont like literature. Thank you.[applause]”  Talk about getting owned.  Kureishi’s face shows it all.

Part 4: