Late night origins of red poetry

spoken in green halls outside of Rosehill

Nuns watch in shadows – we paid them off.

Lifting Love.

Sequestered Sufi war lords possess the scrolls of the Masons

Gunfights erupt on Devon St. all the way to Blue Lake

There on the beach is Music suspended in the air

Mix of Kumba and Kawali, Hip-Hop and Jazz – Chicago Mind.

One wonders what dreams are on Coke

Little subtleties flood the optics smothered in Qur’an

This green and the hairs of red under the high blue is called Chronic

PoPo bring the sound and visions of the underground

Hide your nines like its September

St. Ignatius won’t save you

Remember they closed him down for communicating with prostitutes and immigrants.

The Sun rises in the West here

Heaven shines in blinking red street lights